Benji Ramirez Gomez (they/them/elle) works the front desk at YWCA Madison, has been a fierce activist since age nine, and is a member of the Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America. Benji has served on the board of Eau Claire nonprofit Centro de Conexión and was instrumental in the development of the Latinx Cultural Center on UWEC’s campus.

Benji worked protest safety alongside Neon Guard throughout 2020’s summer uprising and is beloved and appreciated throughout the Latinx community in Madison including leadership from many Latinx & Black lead organizations.

A native to Madison’s Northside, Benji graduated from Waunakee High School, commuting from Superior St. right by Manna Cafe. Benji attended UW-Eau Claire, and volunteered with the Quetzaltrekkers-Xela before transferring to UW-Madison, but has paused their studies due to the pandemic.

They live in the James Madison Neighborhood, where they can often be found playing the ukulele for the setting sun and its admirers.

Benji, headshot


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