Affordable Housing & Transit

Housing is a multi-layered issue that is not going to be solved by simply “building more units.“

To address this problem at its root we as a city, state, and nation have to move away from a model of housing for profit.

Housing as a human right

Housing is a fundamental human right.  Under the current system, developers are incentivized to maximize profits by catering to the wealthy, as demonstrated by the approval of luxury apartment plans for the Franklin/ Hancock block.

I have lived in exclusively co-operatively owned housing, and firmly belief housing must be for the people, by the people.

I have friends who were displaced by plans for development in the 400 block of East Washington between Franklin and Hancock. The landlords in the area sold to the developers and didn’t communicate that with tenants. It took my friend having to hear from another neighbor that within the next year her housing was going to be torn down for luxury apartments to go up. There was no direct communication from her alder, Patrick Heck, or her own landlord, and moving is such an immense expense for working people. It was a heartbreaking story that pushed me into action.

Tenant Rights

As Alder, I will advocate to overturn the Walker era decision to outlaw rent control and other protections for the working class.

Accessible fare-free transit

I am advocating for fare-free rapid transit and an expansion of the transit system that includes more than just transit to the UW, Epic, and the malls. Having grown up on the far Northside, the rest of my city was fairly inaccessible as the 2 and 27 only come every 30 minutes. As an adult, I am seeing nothing has fundamentally changed. Expanding the transit system to serve the predominantly black and brown families on the north and south side will go lengths to assuage some of the cost burden residents face in transport, as well as ameliorate the C02 emissions from an overcrowded Belt line. Madison Metro needs to be fare-free.


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