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Community Response Team

The Community Response Team is an ad hoc group united in the interest of building healthier systems of public safety and community justice in Madison.

Ankita Bharadwaj

Ankita photo
Ankita Bharadwaj is a lawyer and a legal academic with three degrees in law from Jamia Millia Islamia, Amity University ( both in India ) and UW- Madison Law School. Ankita is an organizer and currently serves as a member of the Madison police civilian oversight board. They have served on the board of Madison Community Coop and North American Students of Cooperation and contributed to the betterment of the campus through their position as Vice President of the Middle Eastern Law Student’s Association 2016-2017. The views expressed here are their own.

“Benji is a person I personally look up to when it comes to bringing people together and connecting with folks on a personal level with so much compassion! They bring their lived experiences and vast knowledge of social justice work with them to the table. Their commitment to seek equality and justice for all makes them an excellent leader. That is why I am endorsing Benji Ramirez!”

Ankita Bharadwaj
Member, Madison Police Civilian Oversight Board
Twitter: @sassylawyer89
Email: ankita.cobmadison@gmail.com

Matthew Mitnick

Matthew photo
Matthew Mitnick is chair of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM), the UW-Madison student government body. In 2019 he was a candidate for the Madison Common Council in District 8, and is a co-host of MuniciPality, a podcast by students about the wonders of local government.

“Benji will bring immediate and real change to the Madison Common Council. Their public safety and housing platforms particularly stand out to me because they put the needs of the community first. Benji believes in bringing power to the people, investing in those they serve first and foremost. Especially in a neighborhood with many students, I am confident Benji will fight against corporate developers to ensure District 2 remains affordable and just for all!”

Matthew Mitnick
Chair, Associated Students of Madison
Twitter: @matthewmitnick_

Elena Haasl

Elena photo
Elena represents District 5 on the Dane County Board of Supervisors and is an undergraduate student at UW-Madison double majoring in Community and Environmental Sociology and Political Science with certificates in Gender and Women’s Studies and Public Policy. They serve on the Executive and Health and Human Needs Committees, Equal Opportunities Commission, Youth Commission, Human Services Board, and City-County Homelessness Issues Committee. They have served as the Diversity Caucus Chair for the College Democrats of Wisconsin, the Outreach and Membership Director of the College Democrats of UW-Madison, a Student Ambassador for #IamUW, and a student appointee for the Associated Students of Madison’s Shared Governance Committee, Campus Climate and Diversity Committee. Elena is also a proud member of the Multiracial Student Union on campus. 

“Benji is an outspoken advocate for the people with values deeply entrenched in social and political justice. They have the knowledge, skill set, and compassion to reconcile activism with public policy and prioritize the needs and concerns of all members of the community. I am very proud to endorse Benji for District 2 Madison Common Council!”

Elena Haasl
Dane County Board of Supervisors, District 5
Twitter: @elenahaasl

Brian Benford

Brian photo
Brian Benford is the presumptive Alder-elect for District 6 of the Madison Common Council, former two-term alder for District 12 from 2003-2007, and was a candidate for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 in 2020. He is a life-long activist dedicated to environmentalism and social justice.

“Wisdom beyond their years, when I first heard Benji speak on social justice issues, I was deeply inspired.  Benji reminds us all that, to make sustainable, positive social justice and equity reforms, we need transformative, courageous leaders who are willing to speak from the heart.  I whole heartedly support Benji as the next District 2 alderperson because as we forge a, safe, socially just, and equitable Madison out of these uncertain times, we need new, proven diverse leaders that will bring us all together.  Benji is that leader!”

Brian Benford
Madison Common Council candidate, District 6
Twitter: @Benford4Alder

Aisha Moe

Aisha Moe photo
Aisha Moe is a progressive political organizer, current candidate for Madison Common Council in District 19, and former candidate for Wisconsin State Senate district 26. She is a recent graduate of UW-Madison, with a degree in mathematics and African cultural studies, and teaches high school math.

“Along with bold progressive stances, Benji brings love and humanity to leadership and representation. The Madison City Council needs Benji’s voice.”

Aisha Moe
Madison Common Council candidate, District 19
Twitter: @AishaForMadison

Allison Bell Bern

Allies for Black Lives Madison logo
The views expressed here represent those of Allison Bell Bern only. Allies for Black Lives Madison was not involved in this endorsement.

Allison Bell Bern is an organizer with Allies for Black Lives who has worked in many spheres from MMSD to the UW. As a queer mother of three, she is thrilled at the prospect of her city benefitting from the advocacy of someone who will center Blackness to highlight the intersection of all of our struggles.


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